New chapter


It has been a while since my last blog….as life is a constant roller coaster and my time management skills haven’t been the best.

I am very excited about my decision to put my work career on hold and give my heart and soul to this sport. I say heart as I’m really saying it from the heart

 I have been working in private aviation as Flight Attendant for the last 10 years and couple of days ago I had my very last flight with my superb colleagues and friends  Bjorn and Greg with whom I have been spending long flights in the last couple of years.



It was very emotional, but exciting to follow my dreams and take the chance. If you never try, you will never know what is around the corner…

I have decided to give up all sources of income for now and give it my all and see what the next chapter in my life brings.

My main focus this season is to remain injury free while training smart with my coach Tom Bennett. To gain lots of experiences racing in the pro field and most of all try to be patient- something I find very hard:-).  I am expecting some very mentally tough races, like my next one Abu Dhabi Int. Triathlon. I will stand on the start line with some of the finest athletes in the world. However we all have to start somewhere and this is my start :-).

I feel extremely lucky for having some amazing people and sponsors in my life. You know who you are, without you and your courage I couldn’t make this big decision. Thank you so much for your support and believing in me.



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